A token of Appreciation….

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that we received a Beautiful Thank You card from Rawlinson Primary School, thanking us for our participation in their 2013 Christmas Carols. Inside was the following:

“Dear Nicole and All the Time for Dance Students,

Please accept this cheque as a token of our appreciation for your dancing at our 2013 Christmas Carols. The Committee hope this will help further your dance programs this year.

With very best regards,
Karen Cunningham, President – Rawlinson Primary School P&C”

Thank you Card from Rawlinson Primary School P&C

Thank you Card from Rawlinson Primary School P&C

How lovely. We will put this money towards the purchase of two Acro Belts which help the students when learning the more difficult acrobatic tricks.

See you at class.

Regards, Nicole