Performance – North Woodvale Primary School Fete – 3rd November 2018

Hi Everyone,

As per our Term 4 Newsletter, we are performing at the North Woodvale Primary School Fete.   The following items are being performed;

12.16 Time for Dance Come Alive 3:46 Senior Students
12.20 Time for Dance Dancin’ 2 Eternity 3:55 Junior Students
12.24 Time for Dance Formation 2:14 Performance Class Students
12.26 Time for Dance Rock This Party 3:21 Junior Students
12.29 Time for Dance Slay 3:01 Junior Star 2 Students
12.32 Time for Dance Move Your Feet 2:37 Little Junior Students
12.35 Time for Dance Let’s Get Ridiculous 3:36 Junior Star 1 Students
12.39 Time for Dance Proverbs Girls 2:29 Our All Girl Hip Hop Crew


If we could arrive in full Time for Dance Uniform with hair and makeup done as per the concert.  Please ensure that you have the correct stockings, shoes and costume.  We will meet in the Under Cover Area but will be performing in  the Entertainment Arena.  Refer map attached.  We can do a quick run through and get changed here too.

Could you please advise whether your child is attending so that we can ensure their safe arrival and departure from the North Woodvale Primary School.

Thank you for your support for this performance.  Please know that every performance that your child makes, enhances their dance ability so much, it is always fabulous for me to watch our dancers go from strength to strength and the performances add so much to their ability to shine on stage.

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0401 866 811.

Kind regards, NicoleNWPS Fete Map