We had an extremely productive week this week, measuring all dancers for costumes.  I also received a written quote from Jill from Bear-E-Sensuals which means we are ready to roll with all costumes.  Keeping in mind that we have just short of 150 students, all requiring a minimum of 2 costumes each, some with as many as 8 costumes – that is a lot of work and takes months to have them completed.  Over the next few weeks, you will receive an invoice for the full cost of your/your child’s costumes, less the $20.00 costume deposit (if paid).  It would be fantastic if these could be paid in full by the end of Term 2, 2013 as we are trying to have the costumes finished earlier than concert week this year!!  Please remember that fundraising chocolates are available this week (4th and 5th June 2013) to help keep the prices to an absolute minimum.   See you at class.  Regards, Nicole