Jacket Order 2017

Hi Everyone,

I know this seems early, however, our dressmaker has informed us that the sewer who makes our jackets is going on holidays from April to June, therefore, if we would like a Time for Dance Jacket, we will need to place this order shortly. No pressure at all, just letting you know.

Black Full Zip Jacket (inc embroidery) Child: C2-C12 $70.00
Black Full Zip Jacket (inc embroidery) Adult: C14 and above $75.00

These are a very high quality and wash well, we find since we have swapped over to this style, they are lasting and the kids grow out of them rather than wear out of them.

Email your order through to nicole@timefordance.com.au

Regards, Nicole

Family Portrait Day 2017

Hi Everyone,

Don Benson Photography is doing our Family Portrait Day. Saturday, 1st April 2017. Sessions are filling fast so check out the details on the attached flyer and email me with your preferred time slot. You will not be sorry. $70.00 per family including all photos on a disk.

Kindest regards,

Family Portrait Day

Term 1 Newsletter 2017

Hi Everyone,

Below is our 1st Newsletter for 2017. Enjoy.

Kindest regards, Nicole

eNews 1, 2017

Enrolments for 2017


Hi Everyone,

Enrolments are now open for 2017. Invite your friends to come and join us for a free trial class in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and Cheer Dance. Classes are offered for all ages and abilities including our Inspire Jazz for our Special Needs students.

No exams or competitions however, plenty of performance opportunities are offered throughout the year.

Newly refurbished and air-conditioned studios in Greenwood. We wear a very modest uniform and our costumes are inexpensive and come fully completed.

Please contact me on 0401 866 811 if you require further information.

Happy New Year.

Kindest regards,
Nicole Newman


Our Concert Photos are ready….

Hi Everyone,

I have emailed out the Flyer with full details but here is the link and the password to gain access.



The link again is


Enjoy as they are really lovely. Look for your child’s class, click on it and their routines are in separate folders. Easy to navigate around.

A very BIG Thank You to Lachlan and Skye Nijsen from Bright Reflections for their amazing effort (over 100 hours of editing).

Kindest regards, Nicole

Concert…. 1 week to Go!

Hi Everyone,

Excitingly, there is only one week to go.

Please remember that there are no normal classes this week. Technical Rehearsals for all students are held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4.00 until 7.00 pm. No costumes or makeup required. Just full Time for Dance uniform with hair neat and tidy. Please be on time as we commence with the Finale. This is the first time the whole cast has been together so it is really important that everyone attends (on time both days). As each group finishes their last routine, they may go home. Mini Bop, Little Juniors, Inspire and Beginner’s Ballet will be on directly after the finale so they will NOT have to stay until 7.00 pm.

A reminder for hair requirements for each class as a lot of students did not have their hair done correctly for dress check.

Mini Bop 2 french braids.
Little Juniors 2 french braids.
All Juniors Right side part with a low pony tail.
Acrobatics Right side part with a low pony tail.
Ballet Right side part with a low pony tail, hair into a bun.
Junior Star & Above Right side part with small braid, into a low pony tail, hair then into a bun with curly scrunchie.

Please ensure that there is lots of pins, gel and hairspray so that there are no fly away hair. See Maddi if you need your child’s hair braided as there is a roster commencing from 8 am on 17th September 2016.

Our stocking order has arrived, if you could collect them on Tuesday, that would be fantastic (Maimi Henderson will be available to take your money and hand you your stockings). Wednesday will be more focussed and I would prefer to have no interruptions for administrative items. If you haven’t paid for your stockings, could you please do so at your earliest convenience. EFT is also fine.

Backstage Snacks:
Please send healthy, stain free snacks for your dancer for the rehearsals and concert day. Water only please. NO LOLLIES OR CHOCOLATE etc please as these cause upset tummies.

Full Dress/Stage Rehearsal – Saturday, 17th September 2016:
Please arrive at the Octagon Theatre at UWA by 8.45 am ready for a 9.00 am sharp start. DO NOT BE LATE. Please arrive wearing the full Time for Dance uniform including long black pants, black socks and black jazz shoes (ballet students are to wear their full class ballet uniform please including Black leotard, black ballet skirt, pink tights and ballet shoes). The run sheet will be the same as the technical rehearsal so the younger classes will be able to leave at approximately 10.30 am or thereabouts. Remember that the photos will be taken at rehearsal so it is imperative that hair and makeup be done correctly, that each dancer has the correct stockings and costumes. There is to be absolutely no jewellery on stage please.

Intermediate/Advanced – please remember that you need white shoes for Lip Gloss and Church and a white half top for under Lip Gloss and Spinning Around. Both of these items can be purchased from Kmart for $10 each. Also, don’t forget your red accessories for Lip Gloss.

Dressing Room allocations for rehearsal and concert:
Dressing Room 1 Intermediate and Advanced Students
Dressing Room 2 Mini Bop, Inspire Jazz, Ethan Jakob and our Yummy Mummies
Dressing Room 3 Junior Star Students (upstairs)
The Bradley Studio All Little Junior and Junior Students with Ballet and Acrobatics Students

We have a number of Dressers backstage who are all working with children checked, good with children and experienced with getting our dancers on stage ready. Please allow them to do their job by remaining out in the audience for the entire performance. This allows the dressing rooms to be calm, organised and peaceful (believe it or not!!). If you have a problem, please text me on 0401 866 811.

Concert – Saturday, 17th September 2016:
Please arrive back at the Octagon Theatre at UWA by 4.30 pm. Doors open for our guests at 5.00 pm. All dancers are to be dropped at the Green Room Door which is on the Dolphin Theatre side of the Octagon Theatre. Please DO NOT BE LATE. Arrive will hair and makeup complete. Parents, please deliver your dancer quickly without fuss, then leave them in the capable hands of our backstage dressers. You will be contacted if there is a problem.

Here is looking forward to a fabulous week of concert rehearsals, remember – no classes only Technical Rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday, 4 pm to 7 pm – please do not be late.

Kindest Regards, Nicole


Less than 2 weeks to go… Concert 2016

Dress Check:
In all classes this week, we will be holding dress checks, commencing Monday, 5th September and finishing Thursday, 8th September 2016. This means, please bring ALL your costumes for that class. Please arrive in full Time for Dance uniform including black socks and black jazz shoes. Have hair done appropriately for each class. We will commence the class as usual with a warm up and stretch, followed by the Finale. Then dancers are to change into their first costume and run that routine 2-3 times. Change costumes and run each routine. If time permits, we will run the finale again at the end. This is imperative that all students attend these classes as important information will be given during this process. Make up is not necessary for dress check. PLEASE NOTE: Bring the correct stockings however DO NOT WEAR them as you can guarantee they will get a hole in them!!

Thank You:
Thank you to all our Time for Dance Families for their generous donations to our Hampers for Raffles this year. No more donations are required as we have managed 18 full hampers that I feel anyone would love to win. Remember raffle tickets are $3.00 each or 3 for $5.00. All proceeds go to the Time for Dance Christmas Party where all students receive a gift.

Concert Tickets:
We have sold well over 400 tickets but there are still tickets available if you find you have friends asking for them at the last minute. We will have these available right up until the Full Dress/Stage Rehearsal on Saturday, 17th September 2016.

Alzheimers Australia:
As most of you will be aware by now, our Concert, A Walk To Remember is helping to raise awareness of the impact of Alzheimers on Western Australians. This is very personal to me as my dear Dad, Bill Henderson was diagnosed about 3 years ago. At the concert, we will be taking up a collection for Alzheimers Australia and would love if every family would consider a gold coin donation. Tins will be around when doors open at 5.00 pm and during Interval. Thank you for helping us fight to help Western Australian’s who battle with the affects of Dementia and Alzeheimers every day.

Movie Night Reminder:
This Friday for all ages. Session 1 – G Rating “The Good Dinosaur” commences at 5.30pm and concludes at 7.00 pm. Session 2 – PG Rating “Dance Camp” commences at 7.30 pm and concludes at 9.00 pm. $8.00 per session which includes a drink, popcorn and an icecream. Please note, for both sessions it is $14.00 per person. RSVP required by Wednesday, 7th September 2016 to allow for catering.

Technical Rehearsals – NO NORMAL CLASSES NEXT WEEK:
Tuesday, 13th September 2016 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Wednesday, 14th September 2016 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm

3 weeks until Concert 2016….

Hi Everyone,

By now, you must all be getting excited – I know I am!! Our Concert Tickets have been sorted and handed out. But don’t worry, there are still some left over if you haven’t got yours yet or require a couple of extras. Adults $25.00, Children $18.00 (Pensioners are $18.00).

Costumes have all been handed out. Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly labelled inside the costume as I always end up with some left overs each year – it is much easier to return them to their owners if they are labelled! Costume bags also require labels.

Some reminders:

Hamper donations:
This Is the final week we can accept donations as it will take me at least 2 weeks to get them sorted and nicely presented. We have roughly organised what has been donated so far and we could still use some men’s pamper products and savoury food donations. Thank you to all those families that have already donated. We certainly have some very generous families at Time for Dance and we really appreciate this.

Costume Checks:
Costume checks will be done in each class commencing Monday, 5th September 2016 and concluding Thursday, 8th September 2016. Each dancer is required to bring all costumes, shoes and tights (preferably not the new ones for concert) for that class. If you are concerned that your child will put a hole in their tights, don’t put them on, but please bring them so we can ensure that everyone has the right tights. Hair as per below but no make up is required.

Mini Bop 2 french braids.
Little Juniors 2 french braids.
All Juniors Right side part with a low pony tail.
Acrobatics Right side part with a low pony tail.
Ballet Right side part with a low pony tail, hair into a bun.
Junior Star & Above Right side part, small braid with a low pony tail, hair into a bun with curly scrunchie.
Inspire Right side part with a low pony tail.

Please ensure that there are lots of pins, gel and hairspray so that there are no fly away hair.

Concert Photography:
Concert photography will be taken during the Full Dress/Stage Rehearsal on Saturday, 17th September 2016 from 9.00 am until 1.00 pm by Bright Reflections Imagery. Please check out their flyer which is attached so that you can gain access to the photographs online and purchase them at extremely reasonable prices.

Concert Video:
Our concert video will be recorded by Paul Frisina. These cost $25.00 per copy. Please complete the attached order form and return with correct money in an envelope prior to the Full Dress Rehearsal.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are seated in rows J, K or L from seats 37-51, please do not stand up in front of the camera, raise your arms up over your head or use your phone camera as all these things end up being recorded on our video.

Our bulk stocking order will be placed on Monday so please have your order to me by Sunday so that I can add this to my order. No further orders will be accepted after this time as we need to allow for delivery. Footed tights are $6.00 for all sizes. Convertible tights are $13.50 for all sizes and Fishnets are $10.50 for all sizes (Intermediates only).

Remember, if you have any questions regarding the concert, please do not hesitate to send an email and I will gladly respond as quickly as I can.

Kindest regards, Nicole

Bright Reflections Imagery Flyer

Concert DVD Order Form

4 weeks until Concert!

Hi Everyone,

With only 4 weeks to go until concert, please ensure that your dancer is practising as much as possible at home – all practice DVD’s went out last week so this should help a lot. Thank you to our teacher’s for giving up their Saturday a few weeks ago to video all the younger student’s routines, they did a fabulous job. Thank you also to Joyce Jakob for copying and labelling all the DVD’s for distribution.

I have spent the last couple of days collating all the tickets. We are on target for a really good audience – the audience makes the show!! Thank you to those families that have already ordered their tickets. Please note that there are still tickets available so it is not too late to get your order in if you haven’t!!

Please remember to bring in your donations for our Raffle Hampers Prizes as I will start putting these together in the next week or so.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our lovely parents for their patience as this is a particularly busy time of year at our studio. Also for their willingness to allow their children to participate in our concert. We know that the kids absolutely love it and it is so worth it when you see their faces on concert night!

Remember to get your stocking order in before the end of next week (26th August so that we can have the order done in bulk. Sizes and costs are as follows:

Footed Tights $6.00 in Tan for ALL CLASSES EXCEPT ACROBATICS

Childs 3-5, 6-9,10-12
Adults Small, Average, Tall, Xtall, XXtall

Convertible Tights $13.50 in TAN for Acrobatics and Performance Classes

Childs 3-5,6-9,10-12

Adults Small, Average, Tall, Xtall, XXtall

If you have any queries about concert, rehearsals, hair etc, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kindest regards, Nicole

One Sleep To Go….

Hi Everyone,

I can feel the excitement building… only 1 sleep to go and we are heading off to our 7th Annual Dance Camp at Camp Leschenaultia in Chidlow.

It is going to be an action packed weekend, filled with a lot of dancing, laughter and most importantly a lot of new friendships are built. Actually, it is my favourite weekend of the year!!

I’d like to thank all our Junior Star and Intermediate/Advanced dancers for their enthusiasm and willingness to give up their weekend to come to Dance Camp and work on all our routines. It is a privilege for me to spend this time with you and I really appreciate it.

See you all tomorrow.

Love Nicole x

Dance Camp 2015